1. Canada has a Responsibility to Protect?
  2. Did you say Iran’s Twitter Revolution?
  3. Vancouver: A Van Covered in Protest
  4. B’nai Brith and the Canadian Government: Against Academic Freedom and Democratic Free Speech
  5. Drafting Social Science Research for Canadian Counterinsurgency
  6. Canada’s Failure in Afghanistan and its War at Home
  7. THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS (1966, Gillo Pontecorvo)
  8. On Gaza: Norman Finkelstein at the University of Toronto, 12 Jan. 2009
  9. Noam Chomsky & Alan Dershowitz debate Israel and Palestine
  10. Occupation 101
  11. The Iron Wall: Documentary of Israeli Occupation
  12. From Germany to Palestine: Genocidal Doppelganger
  13. Noam Chomsky on Gaza: Videos
  14. Next Demonstration Against the War in Gaza: Montreal, January 25, 2009
  15. More Gaza Solidarity Protests Against Israel, in Canada and Worldwide (Jan. 10, 2009)
  16. Montreal in Solidarity with Gaza
  17. In Memory of Dr. Roi Kwabena
  18. Uprising News for Jan. 9, 2009: Greece, Gaza
  19. Canada, Beacon of Democracy, Enlightenment, and Justice: In Canada, Western Civilization Has a Hope
  20. Christmas in Trinidad
  21. Firing Shoes at the Faces of Empire: From Baghdad to Montreal
  22. Images of Rage: Multimedia Coverage of the Greek Insurrection
  23. The Greek “Intifada”: News, Views, Overviews, Day 7
  24. We are all Greek today!
  25. Anarchist News on the Greek Uprising
  27. Colonialism in the News: Part Two
  28. The Rage in Greece is a Global Rage
  29. Video Audit of Canada’s New Authoritarianism
  30. Führer of the True North: Stephen Harper, Canada’s Pathological Prime Minister
  31. A Fascist Putsch in Canada: Stephen Harper vs. Democracy
  32. Welcome to “Zimbabwe North” and the “Pro-Rogue” State: Stalling Regime Change
  33. The Canadian Military-Media Complex
  34. Environmentalists, peace activists, are now “terrorists”: in the national security state
  35. Russians in Venezuela? More on the U.S. Marines in Trinidad
  36. The End of Progress
  37. John McCain: Country First, People Last, War Forever
  38. U.S. Marines in Trinidad & Tobago
  39. Canada: The “Indirect” Torture State
  40. The Liberal Party of Canada had a “Left” Territory?
  41. Elections in Canada, 2008: Rewind, Replay, Return, but with Some Change
  42. War Corporatism
  43. More on the National Security State: “Militarizing the Homeland”
  44. The Making of the Imperial Presidency, the National Security State, and the Transition to Authoritarianism, Part 3
  45. The Making of the Imperial Presidency, the National Security State, and the Transition to Authoritarianism, Part 2
  46. The Making of the Imperial Presidency, the National Security State, and the Transition to Authoritarianism, Part 1
  47. Links for Today: Euphemizing Whiteness, Obama as Subhuman
  48. Preparing for Domestic War in the U.S.?
  49. Cultural Self-Criticism: Escaping from Fear Fascism
  50. The Ugly AmeriKKKan
  51. Palin’s Paean to the Pale Face
  52. AfriCOM: Africa, U.S. Imperialism, and Resistance
  53. Announcing the new Open Anthropology website
  54. Chalmers Johnson, Dennis Kucinich: On Bailing Out Bankers and Butchers
  55. Slavoj Žižek and Joseph E. Stiglitz: Chickenhawks Coming Home to Roost…in the Tent City
  56. The Shadows in the Dark are Blue Devils: Turning the World Upside Down
  57. Centrism for Dummies, i.e. “Progressive Corporatists”
  58. (Surface) Images & Aboriginal Graffiti from Kahnawake: A Mohawk Rez outside Montreal, Canada
  59. Your Nation on White Privilege
  60. George Orwell has a blog!
  61. UC Berkeley Destroys Native American Sacred Site
  62. Walter Rodney Conference at UWI, Mona, Jamaica
  63. Victory Hate from the One Party State in 2008
  64. Italy Compensates Italy for Colonialism? Externalizing Injustice, Importing Rewards
  65. Under the Dictatorship of Capital: The Liberty of Things Over Persons
  66. Calculating Colonial Injustice: Italy’s “Compensation” to Libya
  67. Arresting Democracy Now
  68. Independence, Nationalism, Indigeneity: Pride in Patrimony or Prostrate before Princes?
  69. Letter from Leonard Peltier
  70. Eurocentrism comes up for air in the Caribbean: “Keep Patois at Bay”?
  71. “Sweet” Nationalism: Suspending Critical Disbelief for a Moment
  72. (re)New(ed) Blog: Review of the Indigenous Caribbean Center
  73. Derek Walcott Blasts Tourism at Carifesta X
  75. I AM REVOLUTION…TAINO SOY! by Axel Garcia
  76. Mami & Papi: This is Not a Puerto Rican Obituary, by tainoray
  77. A giant statue of Christopher Columbus has found a new home in Puerto Rico
  78. 600 Ton Statue of Columbus (1998 article)
  79. Slavery Denial Will Be Next
  80. Submedia News from Denver
  81. Trinidadian Photo Blogs
  82. Imperialism Reloaded: Media Roundup
  83. “Fuck Fox News”: Uncaged Voices from Denver
  84. Denver’s Real Democratic Convention: “Pockets of Sanity”
  85. Anthem of the Taíno Resurgence: Naboria Daca Ae Mayanimacaná
  86. Resistance Blogging
  87. Globalization, Democracy, and Canada versus the People of Haiti
  88. Reflected Hypocrisy: Russia Holds Up a Georgian Mirror
  89. Indiana Jones’ Revenge: Stolen Taino Artifacts being sold from France;
    Conquering Garifuna Beaches; Undoing Columbus
  90. Ethnographic Wining: A German in Trinidad
  91. Name that Scientist!
  92. “The Mongoose” from a Trinidadian, Indian, Greek Point of View
  93. Scripting the Cosmopolitan
  94. “The Mongoose,” by Derek Walcott, has a bigger bite than one might think
  95. Spectroscopic Survey of Imperial (De)formations
  96. Alien Abduction: Doing Calypso “the Right Way” in the USA
  97. Italy to pay “billions” in compensation for colonizing Libya; Sanctions augmented against Zimbabwe
  98. Current (Anti)Colonialist Discussions in the News: African Focus
  99. Resistance Studies, Networking Futures, and Jeffrey Juris
  100. Michael Taussig: The End of the Masterful Explanation
  101. A Shift Toward the Center (of Fascism)
  102. Show Me Your Motion! (Of Mentors, Peers, and Mimesis and Alterity in Trinidad)
  103. A few more notes on “wining”
  104. Re-Animalizing the Human / Humanizing the Animal
  105. “You can’t shoot kids … but you can pound them” — How insurgents are made
  106. Pragmatism in the “Shitstem” and Singing for Obama
  107. Monday Morning “Mor Tor”: Wine it up just so…for the Video Notes from the Indian
    Diaspora, Part 2
  108. “Why can’t we shoot these kids?”
  109. (Video) Notes from the Indian Diaspora, Part 1: Responding to Modernity and the
    Tyranny of Tradition
  110. “Head-Decay-Shun”: Literacy, tool of the dependent and displaced?
  111. The enigma that is Mugabe, internationally and in the Caribbean
  112. 1968 – 2008: From Vietnam to Concordia
  113. Stockholm Bollywood: “Jumma chumma de de” and Memories of a Cultural Shock
  114. Ataklan Walks Naked
  115. Not your exotic, not your erotic
  116. Attack Iran, Elect McCain, Wait for the Punch(line)
  117. Spirited Encounters: American Indians Protest Museum Policies and Practices
  118. National Aboriginal Solidarity Day: Montreal
  119. Navajo Nation Steelpan, and Aboriginal Reggae
  120. Apology to Native Americans in the U.S.: current discussions
  121. The Sun Starts to Rise
  122. Rapsure Risin
  124. Repossession, Decolonization, and Anthropology: The Return of First
    Nations Remains
  125. Canada’s Apology to Aboriginals
  126. Indiana Jones and the Colonial World
  127. “Why can’t we move on? Why do we have to live in the past?”
  128. What is “American Art”? Thin-Lipped Gravitas
  129. “Canada” — Dealing with the Hate Crime: Prime Minister’s Apology to Aboriginals
    this Wednesday
  130. Decolonizing Japan?
  131. “Canada” — The Name of a Hate Crime
  132. Walk Cautiously where Shame and Confusion Lurk
  133. Joshua Marx, Anthropologist Among the Nationalists, Jumbies, and Whores of the Postcolony
  134. That’s Just Ole Rum Talk…
  135. Daniela Drinks with “Darkie”
  136. The United States’ Colonial Armed Forces: “Un-American” Troops?
  137. Fidel: Obama, the “Empire’s Hypocrite”
  138. Revolution (3 Canal): “This land is ‘mines’ “
  139. Restoration: More Indigenous than the Ancestors, in the Poet’s Eye
  140. KOBO•TOWN: The Promise of Independence
  142. Apologies to the Queen on The Day of Her Royal Highness
  143. Marlon’s Monday Morning Medication
  145. Anthropology is Dead, Long Live Anthropology! (Who Wants to Leave those Golden
    Rule Days in the Jungle?)
  146. Talk Yuh Talk, Mocking Pretenders
  147. It’s a 1-8-7 from the Undercover Blog…
  148. CNN’s “Mondo Cane”: Screaming Muslim Babies in India, and Gawking
    Journalists (updated)
  149. Dreaming of a New World (Movement²)
  150. New•World•Knowledge: A Caribbean Legacy
  151. 09-11-1984, The Calculus of Fear: When Trivial Terrors Become the “Real Threats”
  152. Indigeneity, Créolité, and Independence: Mylène Priam
  153. Anti-Indigenous Film Broadcast in Sweden
  154. The Australian Apology to Aboriginals: News Extracts
  155. Text of the Australian Government’s Apology to Aboriginals
  156. Australia to Apologize to Aboriginals
  157. Republic of Lakotah
  159. Canis Homo
  160. The First Australopithecus War
  161. France’s Imperial Leader Explains Africa to Itself
  162. Indigenous Resistance/ Indigenous Reality: from The Fire This Time
  163. “NZ anti-terrorism laws branded incoherent after raid fiasco”
  164. On “Native Terrorism”: A Reader Responds
  165. Indigenism and Essentialism, 2
  166. Defeated Howard Worries that Recolonization is Over
  167. Goodbye and Good Riddance John Howard!
  168. Dominica, Caribs, and a German U-boat? The problem of why “we always get people
    like you.”
  169. The Ethnographer’s “Job” Makes a Little Boy Laugh
  170. “Models” of Anthropological Colonialism?
  171. Impermanence, II
  172. Impermanence & Re-animalization
  173. Indigenous Decolonization
  174. More Hysteria over the “Native Terrorist”
  175. Anti-anti-essentialism. 1
  176. In the world of the mercenary, colonialism is past, present, and future
  177. From Apter (1999): Fabian’s Dialogical, Performative Ethnographic Experiment
  178. Post-Tribal Stress Disorder
  179. Guanaguanare: Universal Aboriginality
  180. The Colonization Will be Televised
  181. Indigenous Activism at the United Nations
  182. Against Recolonization: Australian Anthropologists Speak Out
  183. Anthropology and Indigenous Sovereignty
  184. American Indians confront UC-Berkeley over remains
  185. Senate Panel Revisits Kennewick Controversy, Sides with Tribes
  186. The Binding Symbolic Value of the UN Declaration on the Rights of
    Indigenous Peoples
  188. UN Draft Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights
  189. UN General Assembly to take action on Indigenous Declaration
  190. Commemorative “Indigenous Days” without Indigenous Rights
  191. Twelve percent American Indian?
  192. Blogs for Indigenous News and Commentary
  193. The Imperialist Drive
  194. Indigenous Peoples and the USA on Trial
  195. Recolonizing Australia…or why Trojan horses never say “sorry”
  196. Canada, the UN, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  197. Aboriginals in Australia: Still the Worst Off
  198. Brazilian Indigenous Leaders Condemn Pope
  199. Pope Against Indigenous Religious Traditions
  200. The Vatican and Indigenous Cultural Revival
  201. Ward Churchill and the Witch Hunters
  202. Unfair Trade: EU against Africa, Caribbean & Pacific
  203. Interpreting the Gli-Gli
  204. Canadian Government and Native “Terrorists”
  205. Does Arima Matter?
  206. The Catholic Church and the Caribs in Trinidad
  207. Does Trinidad Recognize Its Indigenous People?
  208. Abu Ghraib, Trinidad & Tobago
  209. Rosa
  210. Words of Wisdom from Guanaguanare
  211. Caledonia, Ontario: Beware the Big Bad Indian
  212. “You Got Recognition”
  213. Letter from Cristo Adonis (Carib, Trinidad)
  214. Addendum: Caribs & Santa Rosa, 2006
  215. Caribs and the Santa Rosa Festival, 2006
  216. Venezuelan Aid for American Indians
  217. Rejecting Papal Bull
  218. “Natives” and “Terrorism”: Keeping the Hysteria Raw
  219. Farrakhan: Common Struggle with Navajos
  220. Trinidad Debates Eurocentrism and Indigeneity
  221. Garifunas Speaking Out Against Disney
  222. Pirates of the Caribbean: Commentary by Claire Yashar
  223. Soca Warriors, Amerindian Masking
  224. The UN’s Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  225. “Canada” Opposes UN Draft Charter for Indigenous Peoples
  226. The Reclamation of an Indigenous Continent
  227. Boycott Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean
  228. Soca Warriors! Trinidad Pride at World Cup 2006
  229. The Native “Terrorist”: Anti-Indigenous Vocabulary in 2006
  230. What is Happening in “Canada”?
  231. “Canada”: The Name of an Invasion
  232. Dr. Roi Kwabena: Indigenous and African Heritages
  233. Calls to Change Dominica’s Name
  234. Cosmetic Respect for Indigenous Culture in Trinidad
  235. New Book: America is Indian Country
  236. Cannibalism: Interview with Neil Whitehead
  237. Disney and Carib “Cannibals” Continued
  238. Being conscious of origins in Indian affairs
  239. Cannibal Stories
  240. Cannibalism as Cultural Libel
  241. Indigenous Protest Against Disney
  242. Disney’s Carib Indian cannibals deserve boycott
  243. News-Dominica article: Pirates, Caribs & Cannibals
  244. Aboriginal Australians Charge Government with Genocide
  245. Indigenous Rights in the Caribbean
  246. Trinidad Express: Caribs Speak about Disney
  247. Carib Community of Trinidad Joins Indigenous Condemnations of Disney
  248. National Garifuna Council of Belize Protests Disney’s Cannibalism
  249. Garifuna Poetry
  250. The Dying Planet
  251. Dominica’s Minister of Tourism Defends Disney, Feb. 18, 2005
  252. Protesting Disney’s Cannibalism in St. Vincent
  253. In Memoriam: Hilary Frederick, past Chief of the Dominica Caribs
  254. Disney and its Cannibals
  255. Statement from Chief Charles Williams of the Dominica Carib Territory re: Disney
  256. Dominica Caribs Exoticized as Cannibals: More News and Other Links
  257. Caribs of Dominica to be Portrayed as Cannibals in Disney Film

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